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Since we founded we are focusing on the research of application with our tailor-made minerals:

  • Soft Gelatin Capsules (softgels)
    200-400 mesh minerals are recommended
  • Hard Gelatin Capsules
    80-200 mesh minerals are recommended Good flowability ensure good unit weight uniformity of capsules Our goods have less static electricity to ensure the stability of canning
  • Tablets
    We do research on the tableting process Pay attention to hardness, disintegration, and content uniformity to guide our desigin of raw materials DC grade minerals are recommended
  • Granules/powder Sticks
    Free flowing minerals are recommended
  • Drops/Liquid Sticks
    Micronized minerals are recommended
  • Gummy
    We do research on the gummy process Pay attention to the colour change and high temperature stability.
The Nutrimineral Story: Your Tailor-made mineral salts partner Contact a sales manager or speak with a customer service representative.